Entertaining the crowd

Hiring Damien for Trade Shows can help maximise your company’s ROI at your next exhibition. Trade shows are there to create opportunities for companies. It is known as the best way to meet so many major players in business on a face-to-face level at one time. But in the mass of trade stands and the vast amount of visitors walking by your stand, you need something or someone that will attract visitors attention and will make you stand out from the crowd of competing exhibitors while giving an engaging presentation and informing them of your unique selling points with some amazing entertainment.

With all the other exhibitors you need to capitalise on your investment, to get an increased return on investment, you need to get the maximum number of potential clients on your stand. Damien’s unique mix of magic can help you get your sales message across to more visitors than you would believe possible.


Adding Value

The performance is tailored around your company’s products and services, your product or message, can be incorporated into astounding magic and mind reading feets. Damien will work with you prior to your trade show to establish all the relevant aspects of your business such as products, services and sales messages. These are then cleverly tailored into a bespoke performance specific to your company.

By the end of each set you will not only have a huge crowd of potential clients at your stand but they will now be knowledgable about your company, know how your products and services will benefit them, know how you are the solution to their problems and they will be absolutely compelled to find out more. They are then passed onto your sales team for a presentation, demonstration, discussion or whatever you have planned on your stand.


Damien’s key role is qualifying concrete leads for your company and handing the audience over to your sales team at the end of each presentation.  Damien has many techniques for not only pre-qualifying the delegates, but also giving them good reason not to disappear at the conclusion of the performance.

A further benefit is that Damien’s performances only require a very small space on the edge of your stand. Damien performs small sets continually throughout the whole day